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The Legal Leadership Project – Partner Interview

Q&A Channel Partner Feature by Lan Mai

Just as I thought my week was starting off with another typical Monday, I was immediately filled with enthusiasm, excitement and inspiration having had the privilege to interview Midja Fisher, an expert in leadership and confident builder as well as the author of ‘Great Lawyer to Great Leader’, ‘Unshakeable Confidence’ and ‘Take Off the Cape’.

Unsurprisingly, my motivation and drive had ascended to the next level at the conclusion of the interview!

Interestingly, Midja started off her career as an IT Consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers during which she undertook both her IT and law degree.

Subsequent to completing her legal studies, Midja commenced work at a small law firm called Shine Roche McGowan, now known as Shine lawyers.

Midja was a partner there for 19 years when it was only a two small office firm with about 20 employees.

The firm has now grown extensively to 45 offices across Australia with about 800-900 employees.

Amazing the power of great leadership!

It was during this time that Midja discovered her interest and passion to become a mentor and coach.

With leadership expertise, Midja was able to develop and inspire many leaders in all areas including law, tax, accountancy, scientist, not-for-profit, health and sporting association.

Midja carries a mindset that confidence is being able to step into the role and knowing our abilities, values and worth, a mindset which she also aims to build in others.

Midja’s wealth of experience in diverse areas has enabled her to appreciate and leverage from the diversity of business operations, models, structures within various industries and applying them to her field of work.

In combination with Midja’s leadership expertise, her focus is also on the culture and value space of an organisation and aligning them with their strategies through conducting formal strategic planning.

Midja’s goal is to take part in building strong leaderships in Australia, ones that are inspiring, confident, trustworthy, able to challenge others and having the ability to identify talent and nurture them.

Leaders who are able to create an environment where people are driven and passionate.

Some advice to new lawyers? “There are no shortcuts in our career, you must go through it by showing up, work hard, be consistent as consistency and habit matters, discover yourself and find your space during the process, building awareness is key!” says Midja.

With an incredibly busy schedule in our daily lives, Midja’s advice is to consider detaching from worthless tasks and be mindful that the process of improvement is inherent in any project, therefore, do avoid having expectations that any work conducted would be perfect the first time round.

Inspiring enough, Midja has also expanded her horizon from one platform, which focuses on her personal brand, keynote speaking, one-on-one mentoring and coaching to an additional platform, which focuses on law firms, leadership training and coaching.

To reach Midja, simply visit her websites on either or, or alternatively, through her Instagram and LinkedIn page under ‘Midja Fisher’.

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