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Unpacking the Social Media Formula for Law Firms

Lunch & Learn Article written by Nithini Perera

Today Caralee Fontenele sat down with us to share her knowledge on how to use social media effectively to scale your law firm.

Caralee is the director of Collective Family Law Group where she has been leading a team of professionals who help people through their separation and divorce matters for over 14 years.

Through her vast experience Caralee has been able to develop a social media strategy that is both automated and systemised. In this Lunch & Learn session we talk all things about social media and law firms!

Article Summary Points:

Three mistakes you need to stop making

Stop speaking like a lawyer on social media- Instead speak the same language as your clients. Try to make your social medial brand relatable.

Stop being a perfectionist- It’s easy to get bogged down on creating the perfect Instagram post or to make sure someone else hasn’t posted similar content.

However, this is preventing you from sharing your message and helping more people. Instead prioritise progress over perfection.

Your content does not have to be perfect; they just need to be a reflection of your brand and authentic to who you are.

Stop worrying about what other lawyers may think- Instead focus on the people you help- potential clients. The purpose of sharing on social media is to make a greater impact.  ^

How to lay the groundwork for a successful social media approach?

Social media doesn’t cost a thing except for your time! It is one of the most organic ways to get clients through the door if you put in the groundwork.

  • Who is your ideal client?

Before you work out a social media strategy you need to work out who you ideal client is- these are the people you are trying to help and your referral partners. Once you have figured this out, you can then start thinking about:

  1.  Where do they hang out on the web?
  2. What are their pain points?
  3. What are their goals and desires?
  4. How to speak to them?
  5. How to attract them as clients?
  • Where to post?

Post where your ideal clients referral partners are for successful social media growth!

  • What should you post?

Creating new content can be an exhaustive process if you are not systematic about it. Caralee shared her 9 square formula with different topics you can reuse every time you create content for your firm.

Caralee’s 9 Square formula:

What legal problem do you solve?Client testimonialsTeam spotlight
Quotes (relevant to your client’s pain points and transformation)Celebrations and special days (celebrations in the office, special days related to the service you are offering)Frequently asked questions
Myth bustingOffers that you have in the firmIndustry updates (eg- a recent case that may relate to your client)



Over the years, Caralee has been able to automate her social media marketing so that she can streamline content and post it to all platforms easily. She provides us three ways to streamline content.

Images- images need to be clear, relatable and on brand. Caralee advices firms to create a library full of approved images and use these for every social media post in the future.

Some websites to use:

  • Pixels
  • Unsplash
  • Canva
  • Your own professional photos – photos of you with clients, people working together to be reused
  • Your own graphics

Captions- Captions need to be legally accurate as well as attention grabbing!

  • Batch produce captions- Caralee suggests getting your team to write captions all in one sitting. You can then leave any commentary about how you would like for them to be adjusted, if needed.
  • Repurpose- blogposts, podcasts, reviews, book or articles you have written can be repurposed in to captions
  • Revamp old posts- delete old posts and repost them! No one will remember a post from a year ago and this allows you to constantly post and engage with your community

Scheduling platform- Caralee suggests some apps and platforms to maximise brand success

  • Loomly
  • Later
  • com
  • Sprout Social

On a final note, Caralee reminds us of the importance of taking the time out to train your team.

Although it can be highly tempting to try to perfect your social media content yourself, it is imperative to allow your team to learn these skills in order to take on these responsibilities in the future.

This is much more efficient in the long run!

Scalable Law offers a 12 month program to help you scale your firm with the right social media approach, with an offer of one-month free for all Legally Yours members!

Don’t hesitate to contact Caralee on LinkedIn, email, or any of her social media sites to get in touch!  ^

If you have a specific question or you’d like to let us know what you need help with, head to our Talk to a Lawyer search resource and find the right lawyer for your needs.

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