Why Document Automation Is The New Black For Legal Professionals

Document automation is the new designer tool for modern practice. It’s stylish and produces documents which are beautiful and come in a range of variations.

Here’s why we mention it. Legal professionals need to embrace document automation not to be trendy, but to build a modern practice that will thrive into the future. Learning to do this will also develop your skills as a professional.

It’s a Powerful Tool for You to Design a Strong Client Experience

Not only does document automation reinvent the way you produce documents, but it’s also an opportunity for you to reinvent the way your clients experience their interactions with your practice. To do this, you need to transform your legal services into legal solutions.

Think beyond how great your team is and what they can do for your clients. Please start thinking about what problems your target clients have and how they need them to be solved. Then you can create legal solutions that your clients will love.

Your clients will love your solutions if they are the right balance of efficient and effective. Consider each step in the process for your solution, particularly the stages that act as touchpoints with the client. Given the needs of the target client, is that step the right balance of efficient and effective?

There’s no right or wrong way to design a reliable client experience. What’s important is that you create the experience that works best for your clients and your practice. On the one hand, busy small business owners may prefer to complete the interview for an automated document themselves at any time and use a booking page to book an appointment for legal advice by video call at a time that is convenient for them. The automated processes are efficient while asking the client to complete the interview in their own time is effective. On the other hand, older generation clients may prefer to call you to make appointments for you to meet with them at their home. One phone call would be the most effective way for you to arrange an appointment, and choosing to complete the interview for an automated document while meeting with your clients would be an efficient use of your time.

It Gives You the Opportunity For Your Practice to Create Stylish Solutions

Do you love the way solutions are presented to you when you buy products and services from individual businesses in other industries? Do you like how every step resonates with the business’ branding and client experience goals? Why can’t you create stylish solutions for your practice to deliver to clients?

You don’t need to invest much money when you first start to hire a team of professionals to produce fancy videos and other content, but you do need to think wisely about every point in your solution.

At every point that your client engages with your solution, you need to make sure that the message you present is clear, so your client understands and knows what they need to do next. Some people perceive information better when they see it, and others perceive information better when they hear it. And depending on the complexity of particular concepts to your target client, it might be better to explain them with examples or stories. Would your message be better presented in words, a picture or diagram, a short video or a combination of these?

When you incorporate an automated document into your solution, you can choose whether to offer the interview to the client or to a member of your practice’s team to complete. If you opt for your client to complete the interview, include the combination of text, images and video that is the most effective at getting your message across so your client can provide accurate answers. If you choose for your practice’s team to complete the interview, think about whether to include a guidance video or guidance notes for them or whether you would still include some text, images or videos on your website for your clients to access. Remember that how you structure your practice’s solution is entirely up to you, so you can make sure that your clients only access the content that is relevant to them.

It Makes It Simple for Your Practice to Produce Beautiful Documents

You don’t need to worry about you and your team spending hours to make documents look good enough to present to clients. All you need to do is select the formatting settings that you’d like to apply.

Here is the fun bit. You can happily spend hours playing around with different formatting settings to get your precedent document looking the way you like it. And once it is automated, those formatting settings will apply to every output document. And here is the critical bit. It will work, every time. No mucking around necessary.

However, it’s still a good idea to make the formatting settings you use in one automated document consistent across others that you develop so your practice can present a consistent image.

It Generates A Range of Variations

One automated document can produce many different variations of the output document, with various clauses, phrases and wording depending on the answers to the interview questions.

It means that no matter how many clients you provide the link to, each of your clients will end up with a document that not only has their details on it, but it is customised to be relevant for them. It will be a document that they can understand and use, that is meaningful to them.

And the bonus for you is that because you put all the hard work into the design of the automated document, you’ll know that every variation of output document will work well. You no longer need to waste time checking and rechecking documents after each round of drafting amendments. You also won’t have to worry about last-minute stress.

Stop for a minute and imagine the beneficial impact for you, your practice and your clients.

It’s The New Staple for Modern Practice

Not only is document automation the new black, but it is also the new staple among your tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness within your practice even if you don’t have a team of IT professionals working for you.

Choosing to embrace document automation is far more than using excellent new software. It means that you are making the critical first step to build a modern legal practice with solutions that your clients will love. That’s a valuable investment for the future.

Take a break from your daily work for another ten minutes and write down how you could use document automation in your dream client solution. What does your solution look like? Whom will it benefit? How will it help your practice?

The result? It is a valuable legal solution that is unique to your practice. Why haven’t you taken the time to work on your dreams sooner?

If you are ready to start using quality, automated documents in your practice now, sign up to our Support Legal community for access. It’s free to join, and you can leave at any time.

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